July 13, 2016

Mloukhieh turned out not that hard of a recipe afterall!

Diary of Kitchen Failures
Mloukhieh turned out not that hard of a recipe afterall!

So, mloukhieh!

I always wanted to try this one out on my own, since it’s one of my favorite meals, but never had the guts to do it, it seemed so hard! Finally, it came the day when I offered my servitude to my family. I cooked mloukhieh! It turned out that it's not a hard meal to cook afterall, of course when your mother cleans the cilantro and does the shopping for you!! No really it doesn't seem so hard it's an easy recipe just follow each step.

Usually when I cook, my mother won't be home, which explains why I'm cooking! But today she was and she helped with cleaning the cilantro, which I believe is a tough job to do, so thank you mom for that! But before starting it all, I started to guess what to do and what are the ingredients before asking mom the recipe, I always like to do this guessing, it helps me find the logic of the process and the ingredients so I won’t forget anything of importance and throw away the meal in the trash, like I have done once (but I actually burnt that one) anyways I got most of the guessing right, just a few notes my mom reminded me and I was set to start.

In the kitchen...

It's a good thing that I was calm, I'm starting to enjoy cooking nowadays, it seems fun if you don't stress about it. I sensed I was gonna forget to add the lemon juice before the mloukhieh leaves, I always tend to do that; forget the tricky ingredient that can ruin all. Fortunately, I didn't! However, I had another problem though! One of my main problems, I started to doubt the timings given in the recipes and wait in front of the stove and wonder to follow the recipe or not to, and always do the wrong move!! So I did it again, I was worried to put the mloukhieh in the water, I sensed there was excessive amount of water in the pot so I opened up the lid so that excessive water  would vaporize and when it did I added the leaves then noticed there is not enough of water to cook the mloukhieh, and I did the wrong move, instead of adding some hot water to facilitate the cooking process I decided that the leaves don’t necessarily need to be cooked and they look good. So I turned off the fire and called it a meal.

The Judgement day!

Called the family to the table and the criticism started, but overall it was good I believe! Yes, it was dry, it wasn't saucy as it should have but the spices were good, for me at least... 

I'll try to make it better next time...

Hrammetsek! (Join us)

Ahh! And I forgot the dried bread!